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2019 Series Regulations

The relay format: 

3 hour handicap race for multi car teams.

A minimum of two cars per team, a maximum of four. (you can have two cars with up to four drivers or any other combination) No single car can do more than 2.5 hours. Each car must do a min of 30 mins unless there is a serious failure. 1 hour for qualifying giving enough track time for four car teams.

Each team has its own race number, each car carries the number (plus a letter A, B, C or D). As one car comes into the pit lane a team car pulls out of the garage and follows it. One comes into the paddock whilst the other goes onto the track.

Experienced handicaping ensures a close race. The handicap gives every team a chance to win with the race becoming more competitive on track towards the flag.


Eligible Cars:

•  Pre ’66 Sports, GT, GTS and Touring Cars.

•  FiA Appendix K, Dunlop historic tyres (FiA papers not demanded).

To discuss your car, contact


What’s included:

•  3 hours of race track time per team

•  1 hour of qualifying

•  Donington pit garage per team

•  Dedicated Race and Hospitality Centre

•  Event Paddock Party with BBQ and drinks for all

team members including a live band.


Entry fee – £1,695 per team

Sunday race – £375

Donington – Saturday 20th July 2019


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