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Equipe Three Hour Classic Relay 

Donington – 20th July 2019

The UK’s only long distance team event dedicated to Pre ’66 historic cars.

The Equipe Classic Relay is open to all pre ’66 sports, GT and Touring Cars. The event is run for FiA appendix K cars running on Dunlop historic tyres (FiA papers not demanded).

The 3 Hour race is for teams of two to four cars, one car on track at any time so team strategy and car/driver changes can play a big part. A handicap system ensures an exciting and close finish for all classes of car and team.

Long distance team and relay events are well established and known for strong camaraderie. The relay format levels the playing field, the Equipe Classic Relay has multiple car teams ensuring that no driver or car has to do the entire race. It gives the opportunity to be part of a team race without the stress put on one car with multiple drivers.

An additional 40 minute Pit Stop Race on Sunday 21st open to all 3 Hour entrants for a discounted price.

Do not have a team? We have drivers looking to make teams – contact us.

The relay format: 

3 hour handicap race for multi car teams.

A minimum of two cars per team, a maximum of four. (you can have two cars with up to four drivers or any other combination) No single car can do more than 2.5 hours. Each car must do a min of 30 mins unless there is a serious failure. 1 hour for qualifying giving enough track time for four car teams.

Each team has its own race number, each car carries the number (plus a letter A, B, C or D). As one car comes into the pit lane a team car pulls out of the garage and follows it. One comes into the paddock whilst the other goes onto the track. 

Experienced handicaping ensures a close race. The handicap gives every team a chance to win with the race becoming more competitive on track towards the flag.

Eligible Cars:

•  Pre ’66 Sports, GT, GTS and Touring Cars. 

•  FiA Appendix K, Dunlop historic tyres (FiA papers not demanded).

To discuss your car, contact info@equipeclassicracing.com

What’s included:

•  3 hours of race track time per team

•  1 hour of qualifying

•  Donington pit garage per team

•  Dedicated Race and Hospitality Centre

•  Event Paddock Party with BBQ and drinks for all 

team members including a live band.

Entry fee – £1,695 per team

Sunday race – £375

Donington – Saturday 20th July 2019

Further information and online booking 

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Don’t have a team ?

We have lots of single drivers looking for team mates, we will happily put you in touch so you can come and enjoy the fun.

Contact us at info@equipeclassicracing.com or call 01279 883292